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'Prime Picks' - Handicapping with Jeff Siegel

Horse owner, breeder and HRTV analyst Jeff Siegel also happens to be Southern California's premier handicapper. Check his blog each day before you play!

Yesterday’s program illustrated how a track bias can influence the outcome of a race. The track was noticeably favoring the outside lanes and the closers, so when analyzing form from yesterday you should remember to forgive the fading front-runners and downgrade the rally-widers. How will the track play today? Who knows? This is why you should to go to school during the first couple of races to see if the bias remains intact.

Handicapping, in short, refers to analyzing the race to come up with best predicted outcome, or pick. There are many angles when it comes to picking a winner. Using some of the help from the professional handicappers below, you can determine your own angle on placing a bet. For more information on how to bet or wager, click here.

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