RAFAEL BEJARANO, SCARLET STRIKE, WINNER: “I had to move a little early because the position I was in was going to make it a little hard to win. At the three-eighths pole I found my position right behind the leader so I just followed her and kept on running. I still had a lot of horse, and I knew I did, so that’s why I moved a little early to find a better position.”


JERRY HOLLDENDORFER, SCARLET STRIKE, WINNER: “A terrific race for this filly. I’m very proud of her. Rafael has a real knack for being in the right place at the right time and I think that’s the reason why he’s doing so well. We have a very good rapport with him and his agent. You couldn’t get a better ride than that.”

LEANDRO MORA (ASSISTANT TO DOUG O’NEILL), BIRDLOVER, SECOND: “I was screaming up there. That was the perfect trip, we just got beat by one of the best ones. No regrets here. She’s starting to adapt to these distances much better, it’s easier, less pressure on her. She will be better at the longer distances, she’s not a big filly, but she loves to run.”

EDWIN MALDONADO, BIRDLOVER, SECOND: “It was a good race, we were the only speed in the race so we took the lead and controlled the pace. She ran her race, she ran a game race.”

NOTES: The winning owners are John Carver of Bettendorf, Iowa; Jerry Hollendorfer of Port Richmond, CA; and Green Smith of Bryan, TX.