MARTIN GARCIA, JOHN SCOTT, WINNER: “He’s a really good horse. He’s been unlucky the races before, but today he ran a really good race. I had so much horse when we turned for the top of the stretch but he felt lonely and started looking for company. I didn’t think the other horses could have passed me at anytime because I had a lot of horse. He was waiting for company, and as soon as they came he started running again.”

JUAN HERNANDEZ, HUNTSVILLE, SECOND: “My horse was running, but he just didn’t have anywhere to go. He ran good. I don’t have any excuses.”


JOHN HARRIS (OWNER/BREEDER), JOHN SCOTT, WINNER: “He’s so versatile. You never know. You think you run out of aces on these old horses that come back and they just keep doing it and he did. “It’s pretty amazing. It’s hard to bring a horse back from a bow. You have patience. We did a lot of things, took a lot of time and it all came together. He really shouldn’t have been a favorite. He’s never been on turf, he’s never been a mile and an eighth, he had a lot going against him.

“But he had a consistent form. He ran fourth in the Breeders’ Cup Dirt Mile. We didn’t know how this day would play out, but it worked well.”

(Does he now consider the Santa Anita Handicap?): “I don’t know. That’s a tough bunch of handicap horses around. It’s in the realm of possibilities, but I think we just soldier on.

(About the thrill of winning this race and if this ever gets old): “No, it doesn’t. Especially a horse you’ve bred, you’ve stopped on, you’ve brought back, and you’ve had ups and downs. A lot of things have happened. When you win one like this, it’s definitely exhilarating.”

NOTES: The winning owner/breeder is John Harris of Coalinga, CA.