RAFAEL BEJARANO, TILDE, WINNER: “My horse broke so beautiful from the gate and I just wanted to make sure I put her in the right spot. When I found my position, I just tried to get her comfortable and not rush her too much. When I saw somebody moving from the inside I tried to keep my position and not get pushed out. As soon as I came to the stretch I let her go and she came running. She was flying in the end. This is a good filly. She’s getting better. This was her first time at a distance and I had so much horse in the end.”


MIKE HARRINGTON, TILDE, WINNER: “I was concerned about the distance, but I thought her heart would carry her through and it did. She’s a really, really game filly, but she showed that to me at Del Mar, which is really interesting. The first time I ran there down there, I thought I did a really, really poor job of preparing her--and she won. I wasn’t real excited about the job I did coming into this race and she still won. It just goes to show you good horses will overcome their trainers.”

(On what he would have done differently): “Nothing. It turned out perfectly.”

(On where he goes next) I think I’ll retire and breed her (laughter). This new Cal-bred deal is fantastic. I don’t think the purses are as big, but there are two more races for her—stakes--and you’d have to think that off this race, if she stays sound, she’ll be tough in both of them.”

NOTES: The winning owner/breeder is Mike Harrington of Westchester, CA.