JOEL ROSARIO, BOURBON BAY, WINNER: “I was probably too far back but I was never worried about it. He’s a great horse and he can handle this distance well. It was pretty close. Right in the middle of the race I thought they were probably going a little too quick for the distance. I never panicked and didn’t try to make a move early.”

ALEX SOLIS, EAGLE POISE, SECOND: “I had a great trip, got it in gear at the 3/8 pole, that other horse just came a little stronger.”

MIKE SMITH, HARRODS CREEK, THIRD: “Everything went wonderful, except I didn’t win, it really did. I had a great trip. He might have jumped on the spot a little earlier than I wanted to as far as when I made the lead. He is a difficult horse to ride, you have to let him run when he wants and I went with it. Almost worked.” (On Bill Mott’s Instructions): “Exactly the way the race played, except wishing it was a “W”.


NEIL DRYSDALE, BOURBON BAY, WINNER: “I didn’t think we won. I have to be honest; I thought we’d been nipped, but I’m very happy. He’s a lovely horse. I actually thought he hadn’t gotten there today, I really did. I was pleasantly surprised when they put his number up.”

Asked what he thought when Bourbon Bay was so far back down the backside: “What did I really think? ‘What are you doing way back there?’ The leaders must have been stopping, right? (for Bourbon Bay and Eagle Poise to make up that much ground late). But anyway, he got the job done—just. He’s a lovely old horse. He tries very hard. He’ll get some time off. This was a very demanding race.”

HEATHER CRAIG, ASSISTANT TO H. GRAHAM MOTION, EAGLE POISE, SECOND: “He ran an awesome race. He ran really, really hard. Alex (Solis) gave him a great ride but that’s the way it happens sometimes, I guess.”

NOTES: The winning owners are David and Jill Heerensperger of Bellevue, WA. This is Drysdale’s fourth San Juan win: Single Empire (1999); Sunshine Street (2000); Bourbon Bay (2010) and again today.