DAVID FLORES, SLIM SHADEY, WINNER: “Last time he came off the pace he ran excellent. Today it was a stake and nobody had speed so we decided to take a chance and take the lead. At that post position I didn’t want to be carried wide so we took a chance and it worked out fine. I believe this horse is getting better every race. The last race he showed a lot, and he showed even more today. I’m very pleased with this guy and I hope we get to see him more often. I really love to ride for people like Simon Callaghan because he’s a nice guy and very humble. The older guys are going so I hope we get more trainers like him around here.”

JOEL ROSARIO, SANAGAS, LAST: “I think this horse needs a little more distance, maybe a mile and one half or a mile and three eighths. He has one pace the whole way. In mile and one quarter races, the other horses have something left at the top of the stretch so they can sprint for home. He felt comfortable today, but like I still think he needs more distance.”


SIMON CALLAGHAN, SLIM SHADEY, WINNER: ”We planned on being on the lead and wanted to get him to relax and David (Flores) gave him an absolutely perfect ride. The horse has been training really good. I thought he was in tough today, but when you can go to the front and have tactical speed like him, it’s good. There was no real pace in the race and David just gave him a perfect ride. The plan was to go to the front and it’s nice when the plans come off.”
Asked about the last few strides in the stretch: “I had to shout, but it turned out great.”
Future race? “He’s really tractable, he kind of relaxes good . . . but we haven’t got an obvious plan for him right now. He can maybe go a little further, or maybe he’s just a mile and quarter (horse). We’ll have to think about it.”

PETER MILLER, SANAGAS, 4-5 FAVORITE, SIXTH AND LAST: “He didn’t get away well, but we thought he might have trouble quickening going this short. A mile and a quarter’s too short for him, so we were worried about that.”

NOTES: The winning owner is Phil Cunningham of Chelmsford, England.