COREY NAKATANI, CHOKECHERYMARY, WINNER: “I worked her for Gary over at Hollywood Park, and he said she’s a hard-trying filly. She does everything you ask her to do. My main concern was getting her relaxed. I’ve watched some of her races, and she’s a little high-strung and wants to do a little too much too early. All I did was get along with her, keep her happy, and when I asked her, she saved ground. When I moved her outside, she kicked like she’s supposed to. What a job Gary and the guys are doing with her.
“It couldn’t have panned out any better. There was plenty of speed in the race, and wherever she was going to be happy and comfortable was where I was going to try to keep her. The last run was the most important one, and she did it today.”


GARY MANDELLA, CHOKECHERYMARY WINNER: “I wouldn’t blame anybody for betting against her today, because her last mile grass race here looks really bad on paper. But if you watch it on video, you can see she was just never comfortable for (jockey) Chantal (Sutherland) that day. She was tossing her head all over the place going into the first turn, and she does that sometimes. It’s nothing against Chantal, because she had won on her, and (the horse is) going to do that every once in a while. When she’s calm and runs like she did today and settles back and relaxes the first part of the race, she’s got a pretty significant turn of foot, and her last two races have really proven that.”

NOTES: The winning owners are Steve and Sue Woskow of Simi Valley.