RAFAEL BEJARANO, CARACORTADO, WINNER: “I knew I had a lot of horse so I didn’t want to use him too early. I just tried to follow instructions from the trainer. He told me before the race to wait, and as soon as I crossed the dirt that I would have a good turn of foot from the horse. He said not to go too early and just wait for one big run. As soon as I closed the door my horse was flying. This is the first horse that I’ve rode that has this kind of finishing speed. He showed me a big kick. It was unbelievable.”


MIKE MACHOWSKY, CARACORTADO, WINNER: “He’s got that turn of foot that’s really unbelievable. When the horses hit the quarter pole, I started walking to the bar . . . I knew he would fly home . . . I couldn’t believe the way he was finishing. I couldn’t believe how fast he went the last quarter of a mile. I was surprised.
“I didn’t understand why he was so far back. He’s a strange horse. He’s one of those horses that just gives you an eerie feeling about him when you train him and watch him run. He’s got so much natural talent that it seems like he’s sometimes playing with his opponents. Today, he showed that.
“And that’s kind of why I wanted Rafael (Bejarano) with him. I didn’t want anybody panicking. I just told him (Bejarano before the race), ‘Hey, he’s going to have a good turn of foot, just get tied on and he’ll fly home for you. If he’s good enough, he’ll win.’”

NOTES: The winning owners are Steve Altman of La Jolla (AJL Productions, LLC); Don Blahut of Newhall and Mike Machowsky (Lo Hi Stable) of Monrovia.