MARTIN GARCIA, LIBERIAN FREIGHTER, WINNER: “We were the only speed in the race today, so when I broke I let him run out of there on his own and let him settle into stride. When I asked him to run, he took off. I thought he beat a really good field today.”

JOE TALAMO, CARACORTADO: “That’s his style. He wants to lay back there you know. The pace was killing him. I mean they went so slow up front and that definitely didn’t help. He flew the last quarter. I guarantee you it was sub 23 when he came home. The pace, that was the only speed in the race, and he just kind of walked around for a mile.”


LIBERIAN FREIGHTER, NEIL DRYSDALE , WINNER: “When you pull against this horse, he just does the opposite (explaining why he was reluctant to load). When you pull on him he goes backwards. You have to be careful with his head. I didn’t tell Martin (Garcia) anything prior to the race except to just let him come out of there and take a good lead gradually; if somebody does want to do something silly, let him do it. This horse is more relaxed now than he used to be.”

MICHAEL MACHOWSKY, CARACORTADO: “I don’t know why he had him so far back. I gave him the benefit of the doubt after last time (a second-place finish in the Grade I Frank E. Kilroe Mile on March 5), but after today . . . He broke good, and was sitting back too far. When they go that slow and they’re that far back, it kills every chance you have.”

NOTES: The winning owners are Shawn Dugan of Playa del Rey; the Estate of Edward Nahem; and Charles Winner of Los Angeles.