COREY NAKATANI, CHURCH CAMP, WINNER: “The race set up pretty much the way I thought it would. The horse right next to me (Jax El) had early speed, and the horse Patrick Valenzuela (Briecat) was on is tactical. So I was just patient, moved to the outside, and just tried to give her a little breather from the half-mile to the quarter-pole. I set her in a spot I knew would be good enough, and I was trying not to move too soon because she was at such a high cruising speed.
“When Martin (Pedroza) came running with Burg Berg she got focused and went to running again. I think the extra distance was a little easier on her. Brian (Koriner) has done a great job with her. She was really high strung in the beginning, but they got her calm and relaxed. She was comfortable the whole race and I was very happy with her position and where she put me.”


BRIAN KORINER, CHURCH CAMP, WINNER: “It worked out good. He (Corey Nakatani) left there and she was a little aggressive early. It wasn’t too quick, and it looked like she relaxed a little bit down the backside where she took back. She was going nice down the backside even though the fractions were still pretty quick, she finally went into a nice stride and relaxed.”

NOTES: The winning owners are Pete Parrella of Chino who races as Legacy Ranch; Judy Carmel of Los Angeles; and William Strauss of Del Mar.