JOEL ROSARIO, ULTRA BLEND, WINNER: “I got a little closer this time. She wanted to be closer so I let her do whatever she wanted to do. Art (Sherman) told me there were only four horses in the race and to just let her do what she wants, and that we would probably be closer to the pace since there was not a lot of speed. I was happy to see all the scratches. We took it easy this time, but she’s doing well. She’s a filly that gives you 100 percent in every race.”


ART SHERMAN, ULTRA BLEND, WINNER: “We were kind of watching Evening Jewel, every move she made. There wasn’t a whole lot of pace, and he (Joel Rosario) rode such a good race. I give a lot of credit to him. He rode a super race. When she hooks a horse, she just goes. You have to run by her to beat her. You’re not going to do it by getting close to her. With a four-horse field, sometimes the best horse doesn’t always win.”

JAMES CASSIDY, EVENING JEWEL, 4-5 FAVORITE, SECOND: “It was a terrible trip. They had him blocked the whole time down the backside, he was trying to get out, trying to get moving, (but) he couldn’t even move when he wanted to. Then we had to wait, wait, wait till he got through . . . that’s why I hate those four-horse fields. Something always happens.”

NOTES: Winning owner Nels Erickson is from Reno, NV.