JOE TALAMO, SIDNEY’S CANDY, WINNER: “He actually stumbled a tad at the start, but he is such an unbelievable animal. He was going through the fractions so easy. Every time the horses came to his hip on the backside, it didn’t really make him want to go. He just stayed the same. To have a horse in the Kentucky Derby, any kind of horse, is a tremendous feat. I feel very honored and blessed just to make it back this year, after what happened last year. We’ll see how good he is in the Derby, but the way he handled himself today was unbelievable. He relaxes so well and he does things 3-year olds don’t do.”

GARRETT GOMEZ, LOOKIN AT LUCKY, THIRD: “I was having a perfect trip. Me and Paulie (Atkinson) were stuck on their (leaders) heels going into the first turn, Paulie was in a bad spot. I was watching Paulie. Finally, at the backside, I let my horse out a notch to let Paulie know that I wanted that spot. I got down in there. I traveled well. I followed the eventual winner. I was traveling good, and the next thing I knew, Victor Espinoza came down on top of me and took me into the fence. He had my horse tipped sideways. I mean, it was enough damage where it stopped me completely. And there was no cause for it. Victor was outside the horse that was on the lead, and the outside horse wasn’t putting any pressure on him until he came down and put the pressure on me. Look, right here (while watching the replay), Victor knows I’m here the whole time. He was outside the horse on the lead. He couldn’t come over. When he started to get outrun a little bit, he just dropped in and nailed me against the fence. You could hear him right here: ‘I told you I’d get you back.’ That’s why I went after him at the scales because I knew what it was about. He completely turned me sideways. But my horse actually got back on his feet. After that, I didn’t want to be super hard on him. I know the quality of horse he is, and when you get stopped to a dead stop like that, there was no need for me to start banging on him in trying to run second or third when I know we’ve got another race ahead. It was going to be a good race turning for home with me and the other horse (Sidney’s Candy), but after what happened, that was all she wrote for us. Yes, I did watch the Wood Memorial. The winner (Eskendereya) was quite impressive.”

VICTOR ESPINOZA, WHO’S UP, NINTH: “In the stretch, it was the other horse (Lookin At Lucky) that bumped me. I was done. But, still, he bumped me right there. In the turn, there’s not much room. I was trying to help as much as I can. But there’s just so much you can do.”

PAUL ATKINSON, CARCACORTADO, FOURTH: “He settled with me on the backside and really relaxed there. I was following Go Go (Gomez on Lookin At Lucky). I knew the horse was due to come with a run. So at the three-eighths pole, my horse puts me in just the right spot. I’m right up Go Go’s behind there. I figured he’s going to plow me a hole, that I could make my one run with this guy’s turn of foot. Then that incident happened at the five-sixteenths pole. It looked so bad in front of me, I said to myself, ‘He’s (Gomez) going down, we’re both going down,’ because there was nowhere I could go. Thank God we didn’t fall. Then I just tried to scramble, and he did make his run and he came flying. Even after I stopped him, so I appreciate that. I’m sorry that this probably puts us out of the Kentucky Derby because of not having enough graded earnings unless someone comes out. I still think he deserves a shot, and I hate making excuses, but s—t happens.”
ALEX SOLIS, ALPHIE’S BET, SIXTH: “Position killed us today. We were wide the whole way and never had a chance to drop in. That was it.”


JOHN SADLER, SIDNEY’S CANDY, WINNER: “He had more in the tank today than last time. The way he trained up so good and strong, he’s had a perfect week. I was expecting a big race. The nervous part was the start. He stumbled a little bit. After that I was very confident in the sense that they went a realistic pace again which is obviously helping him a little bit and then he had luck.
“I wasn’t really watching Lookin At Lucky. I was just watching my horse in front and my horse is running smooth and he’s a very rhythmic runner and when he gets a cadence, I know he’s going to be very tough.”
On shipping to the Kentucky Derby: “We’re going to go a little bit early. We’re going to decide tomorrow when to ship because we’re going to take Crisp and we’re going to take Hurricane Ike out of the Bayshore Down for the Derby Trial.”

BOB BAFFERT, LOOKIN AT LUCKY, 4-5 FAVORITE, THIRD: “It was bad luck. It was a bad trip. You can’t be on the inside on this track . . . He (Garrett Gomez) took him back and he was fighting him. It was horrendous; his ride was horrendous. It’s unfortunate. The horse is a good horse . . . that’s the thing about synthetic. They’re not going to go fast. Keep him up there. He’s so afraid to let this horse run early, and it’s a shame, because that’s not Garrett. I don’t know why. He threw an interception.”
Asked if he would take him off the horse: “I’m not going to talk about that right now. I cannot believe he rode him that way. It’s ridiculous.”
Asked about the inquiry: “I didn’t really care. When I saw him on the rail, I said, ‘What is he doing?’ He must not have seen Jerry Bailey’s tape. We’re going to buy him some DVDs.”

NOTES: The winning owner is Jenny Craig of Rancho Santa Fe, who races as the Craig Family Trust.