JOEL ROSARIO, ST TRINIANS, WINNER: “I wanted to keep her outside, because when those other horses stopped, I didn’t want to have to slow her down. Once she gets rolling, I don’t want to get her stopped. She’s a real nice little filly and she always tries hard. She ran huge last time and she did again today.”

MIKE MITCHELL, ST TRINIANS, WINNER: “You just want your horse to be sharp and she was razor sharp. She’s just training so well. I knew I had a good mare to beat and maybe I beat her with the pace. She ran like I thought she would run.

On the Santa Margarita and running against Zenyatta: “It would be fun. I ran against her a while ago with Romance is Diane and all we did was look at that big brown rear end go by us. This filly is a quality filly. Nobody respects Zenyatta more than me so if I can beat her that would be a notch in my belt buckle”

NOTES: The winning owner Dan Capen resides in Manhattan Beach and Laura Chavers in Marina Del Rey.