VICTOR ESPINOZA, MIDSHIPS, WINNER: “This is the longest race ever and you have to take your time and be patient. You have to give and take with this horse. You can’t argue with him, but you have to let him know he needs to relax. The hardest part is the first half mile. I try to let him know there’s a long way to go and I try to get him comfortable and into his own rhythm. He’s an unbelievable horse and I knew going in that the distance wasn’t going to be a problem because I had a lot left last time (1 ½ miles San Luis Rey Handicap on Mar. 29).”


HUMBERTO ASCANIO, ASSISTANT TO BOBBY FRANKEL, MIDSHIPS, WINNER: “Obrigado tried to put pressure on our horse, but he (Victor Espinoza) said he (Midships) was going easy all the way. He got tired at the end. That’s why I had to put some water on his head after the race. But Victor did a good job, and so did the horse. I couldn’t have been happier with the slow fractions, and with the final result.”

NOTES: Ascanio noted that Frankel was in Kentucky today.