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April 26, 2014


VICTOR ESPINOZA, ROVENNA, WINNER: “I was surprised that Wonderful Lie went to the lead. I thought Magic Spot would, but not her, but that’s what happens in races, you never know.

“She relaxed well. I think she can go either way. She can be on the lead or come from off the pace. Especially today, going long, I wanted to save as much as possible. I knew it would be a little hard for her since she ran recently.

“She’s maturing. She was still green and running all over before. She’s more professional now.


JOE TALAMO, AWESOME RETURN, WINNER: “We had a great trip. I really didn’t think I’d be that close, but they were going pretty slow up front. He’s such a handy horse and Mike Puype has done a great job with him. His workouts have been unbelievable. We just had a perfect trip and I found an opening at the quarter pole and he did the rest.

“As far as pace, I thought they would have gone a little bit quicker. So we went to Plan B and stayed a little bit closer. He’s such a nice horse.

April 25, 2014


JOE TALAMO, QUICK CASABLANA, WINNER: “He looked unbelievable today. I was able to work him the other day and he showed me that turn of foot in the morning too, just exploded. All the credit goes to Ron, this is my first time riding him (in a race.)

“I’m always optimistic, no matter what, but he definitely showed me that turn of foot the other morning. I wasn’t real happy with the pace, they were moving a little slow on the front end so I had to move sooner than I wanted. He handled it great though.

April 13, 2014


RAFAEL BEJARANO, STORMY LUCY, WINNER: “She was much better today. Her last race, she was rank when she was behind horses but today she relaxed. She and I were really comfortable the whole way, all the way to the three-eighths pole. So, I was confident to come around

and let her go. I knew how much horse I had at the three-eighths and I knew she was going to show me a big kick. I just wanted to make sure I was clear and away from any trouble.”

BRICE BLANC, MISS SERENDIPITY, SECOND: “She got out-kicked late but she did everything perfect.


JOE TALAMO, SWEET SWAP, WINNER: “What a nice horse! What impressed me today was that he was pressured the whole way. He never got a breather at any point so for him to kick away like that was pretty impressive. We figured Lakerville was going to be coming at us so our plan was to steal away a little bit once we hit the dirt. Fortunately for us, it worked out.”

COREY NAKATANI, LAKERVILLE, SECOND: “He’s doing great, he put in a big run and what more can you say, speed is winning. He’s pretty tight right now, he ran his race.

April 12, 2014

JOE TALAMO, TRIBAL SPY, WINNER: “We had a perfect trip. I was real pleased to see those two fillies on the lead (favored Biorhythm and Sky High Gal) goin’ head and head. They were going pretty quick. So we got a perfect trip. Turning for home I took her to the outside and she pretty much did the rest.”

DRAYDEN VAN DYKE, BIORHYTHM, FOURTH: “She felt fine. I just went too fast. Once I crossed the dirt I thought we were home free but then I heard Trevor say she was struggling and I saw them coming at me.


TYLER BAZE, BIG MACHER, WINNER: “I had a beautiful trip. I didn’t get too much pressure from the outside and I really just got the perfect trip. I got to do what I wanted out there and I got to keep him happy.

“I worked him last week and I have so much confidence in him. I got to work him before his last race actually and was going to ride him. I didn’t get to ride him, there was a switch so I was so excited to ride him today because (of) the way he worked last week . . . It wasn’t fast but it was phenomenal.

April 5, 2014


TYLER BAZE, ALERT BAY, WINNER: “He’s a nice horse. He’ll do anything, dirt, synthetic, any distance, anything! I wanted to break sharp, which he did, because I wanted to keep close to the pace. Halfway down the backside I had a chance to ease him out of the tight spot we were in and give him a breather. He took a deep breath going into the far turn and I said, ‘it’s time to go!’ I didn’t know how he would take getting dirt kicked in his face; he’s never had to, but it didn’t bother him.


GARY STEVENS, FASHION PLATE, WINNER: “I’ve won a few races like this in my day. She was reminding me of Winning Colors going down the backside. I thought if I can keep doing this . . . it’s going to be pretty special. Mike’s (Smith) filly (Ria Antonia) is a good filly. I’ve worked her a couple of times so I knew what I was dealing with. I think we were underestimated in here though, off her numbers last out. We knew that she was going to improve a lot today.”

MIKE SMITH, RIA ANTONIA, SECOND: “My horse ran a tremendous race today. I can’t complain.


VICTOR ESPINOZA, ROVENNA, WINNER: “I don’t know how important it is to be on the lead today, that’s her style anyway. I think the most important thing is to let them do their thing. I wanted to take a little jump at the half-mile pole to open on the field. Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t. Today, it worked.

“I’m going to ride California Chrome the way I always do. I’m going to break fast and let him be happy.”

TYLER BAZE, HARLINGTON’S ROSE, SECOND: “I had a pretty good trip.