Events Team

Please call us at (800) 574-6401 for a proposal.

Pamela Walden, Group Events Manager
A recognized sales leader known for crafting a vision to achieve our clients event goals. Pamela offers a unique blend of team building and sales solutions for our clients by providing memorable experiences.

Jessica Chaney, Sales Representative
Jessica’s knowledge and experience provides our clients a unique and exciting event at Santa Anita race track.

Melissa Buchwald, Events Specialist
Melissa has been with the Event Sales department for 13 years assisting the sales associates with their large client base.

Delia Jones, Event Specialist
Delia assists in the day to day operations of event sales, such as detailing your special event and providing excellent customer service to our guests.

Amy Aguirre, Event Specialist
Amy assists the event sales department for race day groups, providing our guests with detailed information and confidence that your event will be seamlessly planned with Santa Anita Race Track.