How to Wager

Everyone on the Santa Anita staff is here to help make your visit a pleasant one! We stand ready to provide you with directions to the area of your choice.


  • Win: When you bet a horse to win, you win if your horse finishes first.
  • Place: When you bet a horse to place, you win if your horse finishes first or second.
  • Show: When you bet a horse to show, you win if your horse finishes first, second or third.
  • $1 Exacta: To win in Exacta wagering, you must pick the two horses finishing first and second in exact order.
  • $1 Trifecta: To win the Trifecta, you must pick the three horses finishing first, second and third in exact order.
  • $1 Superfecta (.10 min): To win the Superfecta, you must pick the four horses finishing first, second, third and fourth in exact order.
  • $1 Super High Five: To win the Super High Five, you must pick the five horses finishing first, second, third, fourth and fifth in exact order.
  • $2 Daily Double: To win the Daily Double, you must pick the winners of two designated consecutive races. Wagers must be placed before the running of the first of the two races.
  • $1 Pick Three: To win the Pick Three, you must pick the winners of three designated consecutive races. Wagers must be placed before the running of the first of the three races.
  • $1 Pick Four (.50 min): To win the Pick Four, you must pick the winners of four designated consecutive races. Wagers must be placed before the running of the first of the four races.
  • $2 Pick Six: To win the Pick Six, you must pick the winners of six designated consecutive races. If no one correctly selects all six, 70% of the net pool goes into a carryover until six are picked.
  • Patron Services:

    For detailed information, or any concerns you may have, stop at one of the Patron Service Desks, located on the main floor of the Grandstand, near the center, adjacent to the Terrace Food Court; in the Infield, just north of the east tunnel; and in the Club House. A Patron Service Aide is present at all times to provide you with a complete answer to any question you may have. You also may obtain a report form to give us your comments on any aspect of our service. We welcome your opinion! If you have a complaint, please make a note of the time of day, the area, and the exact circumstances. All parimutuel windows are numbered, with a plaque affixed at the counter, for your convenience.

    How To Make A Wager:

    Tellered Windows: Walk up to any tellered window after you have decided on your bets and take these four easy steps.
    • Step 1: State the track of your wager.
    • Step 2: State the amount of your wager.
    • Step 3: State the type of wager you wish to make.
    • Step 4: State the number of the horse or horses involved in your wager.
    Approximate Pay To Win ($2.00 bet) If Odds Are:

    Checking Your Tickets

    After you wager, please check the accuracy of your tickets! Check for the following:
    • Is the amount of the wager correct?
    • Is it the type of bet you want?
    • Are the official program numbers of your horses correct?
    • Is it the proper race number?
    • When betting on other tracks, does the track name read that specific track?

    Parimutuel Wagering

    All wagering at Santa Anita Park is parimutuel people wagering against each other, with Santa Anita acting as facilitator and retaining a commission. The “takeout,” is divided primarily among the racetrack, the horsemen (for purses) and the State of California.

    Distribution Of Average Dollar Wagered: 2009-10 Santa Anita  
    Returned to winning fans80.69¢
    State of CA &local governments1.27¢
    Track Operations7.68¢
    Satellite Wagering Fees2.09¢
    Horsemen (Purses)7.39¢
    Breeders’ & Owners’ Awards0.88¢

    Parimutuel Rules

    Detailed rules governing the conduct of the races are published by the California Horse Racing Board.

    Purchasing Tickets

    Please make your wagers early. We can assume no responsibility for uncompleted transactions when the tote machines lock. To speed service, use the exact change for purchasing tickets whenever possible. Make sure you check your tickets and change before leaving the window.

    CHRB Rules On Entries

    The California Horse Racing Board Rules state, “A declaration or withdrawal of one horse from a wagering interest which consists of more than one horse shall have no effect on any wagers made on such wagering interest.”


    An alternate selection can be made only on bet cards for the Pick 4,6 and all. Your alternate selection will be substituted for a scratch. If you do not select an alternate, the actual betting favorite, as evidenced by the total amount wagered in the win pool at the time of the start of the race, will be substituted for the scratch. In the event of a scratch in the Pick 3 before the first race on your ticket, a refund will be given.

    Cashing Tickets

    Remember to keep all your tickets until the results are official. A successful claim of foul and/or an inquiry can change the results! Winning tickets may be cashed at any parimutuel window. Winning tickets from previous days may be cashed at any window throughout the wagering period. By State law, tickets may be cashed until May 15, 2011. State law forbids acceptance of claims for lost or destroyed tickets. Vouchers are good until one year after the conclusion of the current race meet.


    A horse in the starting gate whose stall door opens when the field is dispatched is an official starter in the race. Tickets will be refunded only if a horse’s stall door fails to open. (A refund is not given if one horse in an entry or a mutuel field is declared a non-starter while other members of the entry or field remain starters).

    Mutuel Pools

    Wagering pools are offered under the following guidelines: win, place and show if there are five or more wagering interests; win and place only if there are four wagering interests; and win only if there are fewer than four wagering interests. If scratches reduce any field below those levels, the indicated pool(s) will be cancelled and all monies refunded.

    Cancellation Policy For The Day

    In the event that fewer than five races can be completed during today’s racing program, please retain the page of the racing program bearing today’s racing day and date. Should cancellation be necessary, a complete plan for rain checks will be announced over the public address system.

    Cancellation Available At “SAMS”

    Wagers may be cancelled and/or changed through screen activated (wagering) machines - SAMs. Tickets bought either at a SAM or at a window will be accepted by the machines for cancellation or change, although it is limited to tickets with a value under $250 ($50 for tickets bought for night simulcast wagering).

    Program Errors

    Every effort is made to avoid mistakes on the official program, but Los Angeles Turf Club assumes no liability to anyone for errors.